What Happened on 12 February 2014

Diabetic father saved by 5-year-old child

A British man who has been dependent on insulin for 33 years has a five-year-old to thank for saving his… Read More.

Michael Jackson fans win money for distress

A lot of people all around the globe were shocked after the death of Michael Jackson but only five people… Read More.

Bengal tiger gets away after killing 10th victim

A tiger killed yet another villager in India and officials said they're trying to determine the number of dangerous tigers… Read More.

'Dumb Starbucks' gets shut down

Looks like there wasn't any future for "Dumb Starbucks" after it was revealed that comedian Nathan Fielder was the brains… Read More.

Burger King to include apples in their food

People in Japan may be wondering why burgers at Burger King taste a lot like apple pie. The reason behind… Read More.

Worker fired after losing two babies

AOL CEO Tim Armstrong probably has something against pregnant women as employees. He caused a stir after shifting the company's… Read More.

Sochi halfpipe problem being worked on

Sochi snowboarders are worried about the state of the halfpipe. However, the issue hasn't stopped anything from moving forward and… Read More.

Jon Stewart talks about some NFL hypocrisy

Sports Illustrated noted that some team managers in the NFL wouldn't want to deal with the kind of controversy brought… Read More.

Twitter sued over a fan account

James Dean Inc. doesn't like the fact that there's a Twitter account with the late actor's name. James Dean Inc.… Read More.

Barnes & Noble may have fired all of its engineers

Barnes & Noble's Nook wasn't doing too well to begin with and things look even worse after reports suggesting that… Read More.

Mick Jagger to become grandfather and great-grandfather

Mick Jagger's 21-year-old granddaughter is expecting a baby. However, he's not only becoming a great-grandfather for the first time but… Read More.

Shirley Temple dies at 85

Popular child actress Shirley Temple died at the age of 85 because of natural causes.  Reports suggest the distinguished actress… Read More.