What Happened on 12 December 2013

Gay sex outlawed in India

The top court in India has reinstated a law, which makes gay sex illegal in the country. The 148-year-old law… Read More.

Bubonic plague returns to Madagascar

Bubonic plague has been detected in a village in Madagascar, where nearly 20 people lost their lives last week.  The… Read More.

Which is the most generous nation in the world?

CNN brought some good news about the world's generous capacity and mentioned that the world was more generous last year… Read More.

Airline surprises fliers with Christmas gifts

Passengers on two WestJet flights got a chance to tell Santa Claus what they wanted for Christmas and to actually… Read More.

Gasoline runs through GM'S first female CEO's veins

Mary Barra has been appointed the first female CEO of General Motors and the New York Times noted that she… Read More.

Ex-PayPal honcho may be behind TipsforJesus

Venture capitalist and former PayPal exec Jack Selby will be served well the next time he walks into a restaurant… Read More.

Andrew McCutchen proposes to girlfriend on TV

It's not surprising that Pirates center fielder and NL MVO Andrew McCutchen is awesome at being romantic. He expressed his… Read More.

Andre Johnson spends $17K on toys for children

This is not like the headlines that NFL players usually make: Houston Texan Andre Johnson spent over $17,000 at a… Read More.

The new 'Smart Ring' sends you alerts

This device can be used to tell time as well as to control your smartphone. Although, it sounds a lot… Read More.

NSA uses Google cookies to track users

The NSA has begun to use the same tool that advertisers use in order to track consumers: Google cookies. Latest… Read More.

Adam Sandler is Forbes' most overpaid actor

Some stars may be worth the heavy paycheck they receive but Forbes' definitely doesn't think all of them are. Adam… Read More.

Heathers musical is on its way

There was Heathers before there was Mean Girls and now the comedy is all set to be made into a… Read More.