What Happened on 12 April 2014

Australia is confident about the pings

Searchers have become quite certain about the fact that the recently detected pings in the Indian Ocean are coming from… Read More.

Pope apologizes for sexual abuse scandals

Pope Francis apologized over several of the sexual abuse scandals that have been linked to the Catholic Church.  "I feel… Read More.

'God' has an issue

God Gazarov has a problem since the Russian-born was recently rejected for an auto loan after agency Equifax refused to… Read More.

Women are making half-marathons popular

Runner's World notes that female runners are making half-marathons popular.  New statistics show that 1.95 million runners finished a 13.1… Read More.

NSA knew about the big flaw for two years

Bloomberg's report will most likely anger all those who have had to change their passwords due to an Internet security… Read More.

Selena Gomez fires parents as managers

Selena Gomez recently broke up with someone other than Justin Bieber and the 21-year-old singer has now fired her mom… Read More.