What Happened on 11 May 2014

Official documents link businessman to terror attacks

It appears that a family from Florida has been linked to the 9/11 terror attacks and the Miami Herald notes… Read More.

First lady speaks about the Nigeria kidnappings

Michelle Obama spoke over Mother's Day weekend about the kidnapped school girls in Nigeria. CNN reports that she and the… Read More.

Engaged women to get expensive hand lifts

What do you do if you want to show off your new engagement ring but the state of your hands… Read More.

Rams make NFL history

The St. Louis Rams have selected Michael Sam out of a total of 256 players, making him the first openly… Read More.

Astronomers find our sun's brother

Astronomers have found that our sun has a brother that was also made from the same gas and cloud of… Read More.

Celebrities who simply don't party

It was recently reported that Selena Gomez isn't friends with Taylor Swift anymore since she's way too boring. According to… Read More.