What Happened on 11 March 2014

Many questions and few clues in case of missing flight

Officials continue to remain stumped by the fate of the missing Malaysia Airlines plane and those onboard.  Reports suggest that… Read More.

Bits of 1765 shipwreck discovered

New pieces of a 1765 shipwreck were discovered while researchers were looking for pre-Columbian sites on the archipelago located about… Read More.

Iranian man linked to Malaysia plane's suspect

Developments regarding the missing aircraft are trickling out but the updates are far from being clear.  Two men - one… Read More.

Colorado makes millions in pot taxes

Colorado made about $2M in marijuana taxes, which state revenue officials mentioned is the first accounting for a recreational pot… Read More.

Two fruit firms merge to create the world's biggest

Two fruit supply companies, namely Chiquita of the US and Fyffes of Ireland have agreed to merge in order to… Read More.

Playing with Barbies could be harmful for girls

Fast Company reports that little girls who play with Barbie dolls lower their career options. A new study reveals that… Read More.

Rich Peverley collapses during game

Part of the Columbus Blue Jackets-Dallas Stars game had to be postponed since Dallas' Rich Peverley ended up collapsing on… Read More.

Dennis Rodman will not return to North Korea

Dennis Rodman said he wouldn't go back to North Korea but his motives behind the controversial trip were pure.  "At… Read More.

Snowden says he'd do it all over again

Edward Snowden went into exile after leaking NSA data but he mentioned during a video talk broadcast that he wouldn't… Read More.

Scientists looking to clear space junk

Scientists say the junk in space is putting satellites at risk. Reports suggest that collisions could take out our satellites… Read More.

Elisabeth Moss says her marriage was traumatic

Elisabeth Moss mentioned in her New York cover story that her marriage to Fred Armisen was an awful and horrible… Read More.

Katie Holmes to come back to TV

Katie Holmes fan will be delighted to know that the Dawson's Creek actress is coming back to the small screen.… Read More.