What Happened on 11 January 2014

Australians to fume at shark attack control plan

Australia is the most dangerous place when it comes to shark attacks given that six people have been killed in… Read More.

French dialect tradition fading in Missouri

A bit of history is fading away in eastern Missouri where paw-paw French was introduced by settlers centuries ago.  Al… Read More.

Google to allow strangers to send each other emails

Gmail users may begin receiving emails from strangers since Google is coming up with a new feature, which would allow… Read More.

India's athletes to not compete for India in Olympics

India's athletes will be deemed independent instead of competing for India in the 2014 Winter Olympics.  The reason for this… Read More.

Internet line shot out in Alaska

It must have been tough for people in Tanana to wish their friends online since the Internet has been out… Read More.

Justin Bieber may have egged his neighbor's house

It looks like Justin Bieber doesn't have the ability to behave for a while. His neighbor has accused him of… Read More.