What Happened on 11 April 2017

North Korea Responds to US Deployment of a Navy Strike Group

As per reports, responding to the deployment of a US Navy strike group at the Korean peninsula, North Korea… Read More.

Turkey: Explosion Reported Near Riot Police HQ

A blast was reported near riot police headquarter in Diyarbakir, a Kurdish… Read More.

Trump Administration Threatens More Strikes on Syria

As per reports, the White House has threatened to carry out more strikes on Syria. The White House spokesman… Read More.

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley Steps Down

As per reports, Alabama Governor Robert Bentley stepped down from his position on Monday amid allegations that he tapped… Read More.

Shooting in California School Killed One Child and Two Adults

As per reports, one child and two adults were killed in a shooting at 10:30 local time (17:30 GMT) at… Read More.

Tesla Becomes the Most Valuable Car Company in America

As per reports, Tesla surpassed General Motors, the Detroit granddaddy and became the most valuable car… Read More.

Crystal Palace Beats Arsenal 3-0

As per reports, Arsenal was battered by Crystal Palace 3-0 on Monday and the team was put away from Premier… Read More.