What Happened on 10 September 2013

Russia asking Syria to turn over chemical weapons

Russia asked Syria to hand over its chemical weapons just a few hours after John Kerry mentioned that Assad could… Read More.

Hindus, Muslims clash kills 19 in Muzaffarnagar, India

Troops have been deployed after the deadly riots between Muslims and Hindus, which started as three villagers in northern India… Read More.

U.S. watched as Syria prepared attack

Latest Updates - US Attacks Syria New reports as a result of some leaked U.S. declassified intelligence records and… Read More.

Police officer gang-raped in India

Another horrific attack had happened the day a photojournalist in Mumbai was gang-raped.  A police officer in eastern India said… Read More.

James Bond car sells for $1M

The James Bond car used for underwater scenes seems to be hit only with fans and not car collectors.  Its… Read More.

Airline logo blacked out after accident

A Thai Airways plane ended up skidding on the runway while landing but was not possible to tell that the… Read More.

Neiman Marcus could be for sale

Asset manager Ares Management based in Los Angeles and the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board could buy Luxury retailer Neiman… Read More.

Erin Andrews upstaged by epic photobombers

Two photobombers stole the show on "The OT" presented by reporter Erin Andrews during the postgame NFL show.  The two… Read More.

Fan dies during football game

A football fan, in his 30s, died during the 49ers Green Bay Packers game after falling from an elevated walkway. … Read More.

NSA can access data on smartphones

Recent reports suggest that National Security Agency has the capability to access a wide range of data on people's smartphones… Read More.

Amazon says there won't be any phone for free

Although Amazon keeps its prices low, it clearly doesn't keep them that low.  There have been rumors regarding the company… Read More.

Wentworth Miller has attempted suicide multiple times

"Prison Break" star Wentworth Miller said he tried to commit suicide more than once when he was growing up because… Read More.

Miley Cyrus Vogue cover canceled

It looks like twerking won't help Miley Cyrus in securing a 'Vogue' cover anytime soon. Rumors in the fashion world… Read More.