What Happened on 10 January 2014

100K bats drop dead from the sky

Australia experienced a heat wave as the United States froze due to the "polar vortex" and reports suggest that the… Read More.

UAE frees American comedy video creator

An American man, who was held prisoner in the United Arab Emirates over a parody video that he posted online,… Read More.

China to ban people from smoking indoors

China is the biggest cigarette consumer in the world but the nation is now taking anti-smoking measures by forbidding the… Read More.

McDonald's faces lawsuit over hot coffee once again

A woman in California is suing McDonald's since it's hot coffee burned her.  A similar case was filed only months… Read More.

Poultry farm shut over cockroach infestation

Cockroach infestation are two words that can kill anyone's appetite when put together. The USDA didn't waste any time to… Read More.

Snapchat apologizes and updates app

Snapchat addressed its privacy concerns and made some changes to the app. Users will now have the ability to choose… Read More.

Rodman apologizes for N. Korea comments

Dennis Rodman blamed stress and alcohol for his embarrassing comments on imprisoned American missionary Kenneth Bae. "Some of my teammates… Read More.

Colts punter apologizes for tweet

Colts punter Pat McAfee has been fined by the team but forgiven by Andrew Luck after he tweeted a nearly-naked… Read More.

T-Mobile lures customers by covering costs

T-Mobile is aware that it costs customers money to switch carriers. Hence it's covering those costs by letting people exchange… Read More.

Google helps workers get to work

The latest infrastructure project by Google offers help to its workers so they can get to the office without any… Read More.

Beyonce, Kelly Rowland crash karaoke party

Imagine if you're singing a Beyonce song at a karaoke bar with your friends and the actual singer of the… Read More.

Anna Chlumsky's daughter is already into hair and makeup

Veep star Anna Chlumsky's six-month-old baby is already aware of what she likes.  "She likes the makeup and hair trailer!"… Read More.