What Happened on 10 December 2015

Paris attacks: Geneva raises alert levels

The Geneva police said on Thursday that they have raised the alert level in the city. As per reports, the… Read More.

Muhammad Ali criticizes Donald Trump

Three-time world heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali has criticized Donald Trump’s statement to ban Muslims from entering the Read More.

Japanese police investigating PM Shinzo Abe's personal website crash

Police after investigating after Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s personal website became inaccessible indicating a possible cyber attack. As per… Read More.

Sydney police arrests two after counter-terrorism raids

The Sydney police have arrested two people in a counter-terror operation. The arrests of the 15-year-old boy… Read More.

Top priority is to win back trust, says Volkswagen chairman

Hans Dieter Poetsch, Chairman of Volkswagen, has said that the top priority of the company is to win back trust… Read More.