What Happened on 10 December 2014

CIA's interrogation methods were 'brutal', says Senate report

A damning US Senate report has said that the CIA’s interrogations of suspected terrorists was “brutal” in the years following… Read More.

Western nations to accept more Syrian refugees

Western nations have reportedly agreed to accept more Syrian refugees through the next few months. According to the UN refugee… Read More.

New Zealand parliament backs new anti-terror laws

The parliament of New Zealand has backed new anti-terror laws that are aimed at tackling the homeland threat overseas extremist… Read More.

Zimbabwe's president Mugabe sacks deputy Joice Mujuru

Zimbabwe’s president Robert Mugabe has sacked his deputy, Joice Mujuru, after he accused her of plotting to kill him and… Read More.

Nazi massacre: Not enough evidence to try man, says court

A court in Germany’s Cologne city has said there was not enough evidence to try a man, now aged 89,… Read More.

Tesco issues another profits warning, shares tumble

Tesco has said its profits will be much lower than earlier expectations, in its fifth such warning in a year.… Read More.

Detroit set to exit bankruptcy

Once it symbolized America’s industrial strength, but in July last year Detroit declared itself bankrupt with a crushing debt burden… Read More.

US Congress reaches agreement on $1 trillion spending bill

Leaders in the US Congress have agreed on a $1.1 trillion spending bill, with a deadline looming on Thursday evening.  Read More.

Yum Brands slashes profit forecast again

Yum Brands, which owns the KFC and Pizza Hut restaurant chains, has again cut down its year’s profit forecast after… Read More.

Champions League: Real Madrid defeat Ludogorets 4-0

Setting a new Spanish record of 19 straight wins, Real Madrid defeated Ludogorets 4-0 and advanced to the last 16… Read More.

Winnie the Pooh illustration sells for £314,500

A famous drawing of Winnie the Pooh has fetched £314,500, thrice its estimate, at Sotheby’s. The ink drawing by EH… Read More.

'Mutant giant spider dog' top trending video on YouTube

A short horror film about a dog donning a tarantula costume was this year’s biggest trending YouTube video, Google, which… Read More.