What Happened on 10 December 2013

Pope Francis said a nun saved his life

Pope Francis said he is alive because a nun took care of him when he had lung problems as a… Read More.

Accused stabber expresses love for al-Qaeda

One of the two men accused of killing British soldier Lee Rigby in broad daylight said he supports al-Qaeda and… Read More.

Singapore shaken by worst riot in decades

Roughly 400 South Asian migrant workers battled police and burned vehicles after a road accident, which killed an Indian worker… Read More.

Tech giants ask government to limit spying

Tech competitors such as Google and Yahoo, Facebook and Twitter have united to get rid of a common problem: The… Read More.

Deadly birth control continues to sell in the US

A deadly contraceptive known as NuvaRing is proven to develop blood clots. Despite having about 3,500 users file lawsuits, the… Read More.

21 percent of people in US are rich at some point in their lives

Reports suggest that 21 percent of working-age adults in the US are wealthy for at least one year before turning… Read More.

German president to say no to Sochi games

German President Joachim Gauck is the latest high-profile figure to say no to the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.  Gauck… Read More.

Virginia jogger injured by flying deer

The chances of this happening are probably one in a million: Krystine Rivera was hit by a flying deer when… Read More.

Facebook may come out with a 'sympathize' button

Now you want have an option of "sympathizing" with friends on Facebook if they post a status about breaking-up or… Read More.

The Pope is the most talked about on Facebook

There's some bad news for Miley Cyrus: She didn't make it at the top of the most talked-about subjects to… Read More.

Rebecca Black is back with another day of the week

Rebecca Black mentioned previously that she won't be working on songs related to any other day of the week but… Read More.

Aron Ralston arrested for domestic assault

The same hiker who survived by cutting his arm off in Utah and was also the inspiration for the movie… Read More.