What Happened on 10 August 2013

2 charged in case of a girl who hanged herself

Two teenagers have been arrested on child pornography charges in Canada. The family of Rehtaeh Parsons, who hanged herself this… Read More.

Five rounded up in Zanzibar Acid Attack

Five men have been rounded up for questioning by the police after two tourists were attacked with acid in Zanzibar.… Read More.

Russia frees prisoners to boost economy

Russia is in need for entrepreneurs and knows it can find them in prison. The country has 1 in 10… Read More.

Linebacker makes debut with Atlanta Falcons

Brian Banks described his debut with the Atlanta Falcons to be better than a roller coaster ride.  The 28-year-old spent… Read More.

NSA can search US Emails through a backdoor

NSA can go through Americans' emails without needing a warrant by using a secret "backdoor", which happens to be legal. … Read More.

Amanda Bynes' mother granted a temporary conservatorship

Amanda Bynes' parents have been granted limited control over their daughter's personal affairs. Ventura County Judge Glen Reiser said Bynes'… Read More.