What Happened on 10 April 2014

Protestors in east build bombs

Pro-Russia protestors are working on their defenses in eastern Ukraine after Kiev threatened to settle the situation by using force. … Read More.

Police hunt for a mysterious amnesiac

Public in Norway is being asked by the police to help them identity a man suffering from total amnesia. John… Read More.

Australian officials find pings again

Australian officials seem confident about the search for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and mentioned that they found the signals… Read More.

Beef prices in the US continue to soar

The weird weather is resulting in an increase in beef prices in the US. It costed $5.28 a pound back… Read More.

Swedish town tests 30-hour-week

Swedish town Gothenburg could be the perfect place to be right now since its government is initiating an experiment in… Read More.

Toyota recalls 6.4M vehicles

After Mazda's recent recall, Toyota is calling back 27 of its models totaling 6.4 million. Reports suggest that 3.5M of… Read More.

Pistorius gives account of late-girlfriend's final moments

Oscar Pistorius has taken the witness stand once again, fighting his emotion while talking about Reeva Steenkamp's last moments.  "I… Read More.

NCAA has its first openly gay player

NBA got its first openly gay player less than two months ago and NCAA Division I men's college basketball now… Read More.

XP users face the deadline day

Millions of people who were still using Windows XP have now been left on their own. Microsoft gave several warnings… Read More.

Researchers find new tool for fighting paralysis

There's good news for those paralyzed by injuries in their spinal-cord. Electrical zaps have offered several patients the chance to… Read More.

Several people comment on Peaches Geldof's death

Peaches Geldof died in a digital age where people have the ability to comment on her life and speculate her… Read More.

Archie dies in Archie comics

Fans won't be pleased to know that Archie dies in the comics but the good news is that his death… Read More.