What Happened on 09 September 2013

Asif Ali Zardari first Pakistan President in history to finish term

President Asif Ali Zardani stepped down today becoming the first democratically elected president in Pakistan to complete a full term.… Read More.

Venezuela newspapers face problems

Five newspapers in Venezuela have shut down because the country has run out of paper. Over half of… Read More.

There is old history of chemical warfare in Syria

The earliest archaeological evidence of chemical weapons in Syria is 1,700 years old.  The first way that people gassed their… Read More.

Bank of America to settle gender bias claims

Bank of America Corp. has announced that it is paying $39M to settle gender bias claims. These claims were made… Read More.

Lexus SUV to startle with bold look

Lexus has come up with a kind of concept that no one would have expected it to.  It has replaced… Read More.

Chobani says mold in yogurt is not dangerous

Yogurt maker Chobani said that the mold, which was responsible for the recall of its Greek yogurt doesn't have anything… Read More.

Tokyo to host 2020 Olympics

Despite the Fukushima crisis, Tokyo has been chosen to host the 2020 Olympics over the other contenders- Madrid and Istanbul. … Read More.

Awkward moment during Michigan-Notre Dame

Eminem's guest appearance during the Michigan-Notre Dame game was quite awkward.  After staring at the screen for about four seconds,… Read More.

Spot if people are lying in texts

Since humans are not so good at detecting lies, new research is attempting to change that.  A BYU professor Tom… Read More.

Google hiding data from NSA

Google is encrypting its data and hiding it from the NSA in the middle of the fallout from its PRISM… Read More.

Forbes:Sofia Vergara is the top earning TV actress

Sofia Vergara, who plays Gloria in the TV show "Modern Family" is the top earning actress… Read More.

'Tough Love' host has an escort scandal

Host of the series "Tough Love" and a professional relationship expert, Steven Ward might be in trouble after being caught… Read More.