What Happened on 09 October 2013

US send marines to Italy

The capture of Libyan al-Qaeda leader Abu Anas al-Libi is turning into a diplomatic incident; the government in Libya is… Read More.

Surgery scheduled for Argentina's president

Argentina President Christina Fernandez was diagnosed with hematoma on Saturday and doctors have set a surgery to drain it tomorrow. … Read More.

Gold nuggets found in plane toilet

While busting an international gold smuggling outfit at the airport in Chennai, Indian Intelligence found 32 gold nuggets hidden inside… Read More.

Stronger economy has higher deaths

Although a booming economy might seem like good news, a study suggests otherwise: The number of middle-aged people and seniors… Read More.

Canadian movie deal inspires hollywood

Cineplex offered Canadians the $19.99 SuperTicket this summer that gave them  digital downloads of "Pacific Rim" along with their tickets. … Read More.

Apple to hold iPad event

Apple has scheduled an event for Oct. 22 in order to update its line of tablets.  Reports by AllThingsD suggest… Read More.

Pacman Jones found not guilty

Cincinnati Bengals cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones has been found not guilty of assaulting a woman by punching her in the… Read More.

Nyad raises money for Sandy by swimming for 48 hours

After swimming from Cuba to Florida, Nyad is all set to swim for straight 48 hours in an attempt to… Read More.

Neilsen launches Twitter TV ratings

A new rating system by Nielson tracks what TV shows people are posting about on Twitter instead of measuring what… Read More.

Instagram could ruin your meal

A new study suggests that looking at photos of food could take away people's appetite. Research at Brigham Young University… Read More.

"Carrie" prank scares customers at coffee shop

Discovering that telekinesis is a real thing would probably freak anyone out; a girl seemed to have slammed someone against… Read More.

Astrophysicist picks holes in Gravity

Neil deGrasse unraveled the mysteries of the new sci-fi film 'Gravity'. Although the celebrity astrophysicist claims to have enjoyed the… Read More.