What Happened on 09 November 2014

World faces new cold war, warns Gorbachev

Former president of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev has said that the world is “on the brink of a new… Read More.

North Korea releases two US citizens

Kenneth Bae and Matthew Miller, the two American citizens jailed in North Korea, are back in the US. After their… Read More.

17 terrorists killed in Khyber Agency, says Pakistan's army

Terrorists attacked army troops in northwestern Pakistan, leading to a lengthy battle between the two sides in which 17 militants… Read More.

Two guards killed outside Sudan's presidential palace

Two security guards were killed by a knife-wielding man outside the presidential palace in Sudan’s capital Khartoum, media reports said.… Read More.

Risks facing Chinese economy 'not so scary', says Xi Jinping

China’s president Xi Jinping has said that the risks confronting the country’s economy were “not so scary” and the government… Read More.

Twitter joins hands with advocacy group to tackle online harassment of women

Twitter has joined hands with an advocacy group to fight against online harassment of women. Women, Action, and the Media… Read More.