What Happened on 09 May 2014

Another rare shark has been caught

After spotting the rare goblin shark in Florida, another rare creature has been caught in Japan. The West Australian reports… Read More.

Centuries old tomb found in Cairo

Archaeologists say they have found a tomb built back in 1100 BC in Cairo. According to scholars, the tomb belonged… Read More.

UN warns of a health risk

A new UN report reveals that 1 billion people around the world don't have any access to toilets and "defecate… Read More.

NY man doesn't spend a penny while driving to Florida

A former truck driver has most likely set a new record by not spending even a dollar while driving from… Read More.

NASA captures explosion on the sun

NASA recently captured breathtaking views of the sun and mentioned that its material, "doing what it always does, dancing and… Read More.

Band makes $20k off silent album on Spotify

Spotify caught a band who planned on milking money with a silent album called "Sleepify."  The band called Vulfpeck, asked… Read More.

Sterling's wife doesn't want the Clippers

USA Today reports that Shelly Sterling doesn't wish to be the managing owner of the Los Angeles Clippers but plans… Read More.

Boxer Adrien Broner suspended for being racist

Cincinnati boxer Adrien Broner has been suspended for making racist and insensitive remarks. The 24-year-old made the comments during an… Read More.

Nintendo game doesn't allow gay marriage

The upcoming release of 'Tomodachi Life' by Nintendo is quite controversial. People have the ability to create a character in… Read More.

New video app introduced by Adobe

If you think you can't present well with Powerpoint, there's some good news for you.  USA Today reports that Adobe… Read More.

Angelina Jolie thought she'd never fall in love

Angelina Jolie has a big family but she never thought her life would turn out the way it has. "I… Read More.

Kardashian wedding won't be on reality show

Kim Kardashian took to Twitter to announce that rumors suggesting that she already married Kanye West are untrue. She also… Read More.