What Happened on 09 March 2017

Spicer Attacks 'Double Standard' over WikiLeaks Dump

As per reports, after expressing concern over Wikileaks releasing documents, which allegedly revealed CIA surveillance techniques, White House Press Secretary… Read More.

Samsung Lee Jae-Yong’s Trial Begins

Samsung Heir’s Trial Begins March 9, 2017: The preliminary hearings in Samsung chief Lee Jae-Yong’s trial commenced on Thursday, though… Read More.

Fire at Guatemala Children's Shelter leaves at least 20 Dead

As per reports, the female section of a children’s shelter near Guatemala City was hit by fire early Wednesday.… Read More.

Champions League 2017: Historic Comeback of Barcelona with 6-1 Win Against Paris Saint-Germain

Routing Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), Spain’s Barcelona made a historic comeback with 6-1 and qualified for the Champions League quarterfinals. After… Read More.

Uber Stops using Greyball Tool Secret to Avoid Law Enforcement

Days after Uber defended its controversial programme in order to protect its drivers from harm; the cab-hailing app announced that… Read More.