What Happened on 09 February 2014

Pilot tricks Ukraine hijacker

When a Ukraine passenger on a Turkish plane announced that he'd want the plane to land in Sochi and possessed… Read More.

Big lakes continue to shrink

There are several reasons for many of the big lakes across the globe to disappear or shrink. One of them… Read More.

Target hack may have begun with another company

It appears that those who entered the computer network of Target had to hijack the computers of a company near… Read More.

Olympic ring flops during Sochi ceremony

The opening ceremony for the Sochi Games saw an unusual circumstance when one of the five snowflakes that was supposed… Read More.

Hoffman may be recreated with modern technology

Philip Seymour Hoffman wasn't done playing his part for the final Hunger Games movie but modern technology may come to… Read More.

LEGO movie to receive good reviews

The story about LEGO people has received immense amount of praise from critics and the rave reviews definitely come as… Read More.