What Happened on 09 December 2013

New treatment could kill cancer cells like it's a common cold

Researchers are currently testing an idea at three US cancer centers, according to which cancer patients can cure themselves if… Read More.

South Africa continues to celebrate the legacy of Mandela

South Africa held church services and a day of prayer to celebrate the legacy of the recently deceased anti-apartheid icon,… Read More.

Obama omitted details regarding Syria attack

President Obama wasn't entirely truthful about the chemical weapons attack on Syrian soil in August.  Seymour Hersh of the London… Read More.

The most popular liquor in the world: South Korean 'soju'

Vodka and tequila are not the most popular at bars. Instead, a South Korean spirit known as 'soju' is the… Read More.

Teen arrested for stealing from Paul Walker's wrecked Porsche

There's no doubt that Paul Walker was a popular star and the recent incident proves the same.  An 18-year-old man… Read More.

McDonald's teaches its workers tipping etiquette

As fast food employees rally and demand for higher pay in 100 cities this week, McDonald's put together some holiday… Read More.

NBA to welcome back Kobe Bryant with video

The NBA is welcoming Kobe Bryant to the court on Sunday night with a video.  It's the first time in… Read More.

Some odd items have been banned at Sochi Games

People who are attending the Sochi Olympics next year should make sure to look at the list of banned items,… Read More.

FBI can use suspects' laptop cameras

One of the FBI's high tech strategies is the agency's ability to turn on suspects' laptops without their consent and… Read More.

SpaghettiOs removes Pearl Harbor memorial

Campbell has learned that a smiling noodle is not an appropriate way to commemorate a national tragedy. On the day… Read More.

Paris hilton's brother blamed Lindsay Lohan for having him attacked

Paris Hilton's younger brother, Barron Hilton said Lindsay Lohan is the one responsible for having him attacked during a Thursday… Read More.

Best seats in a movie theatre are now revealed

Although audience can get a good view from pretty much any seat in many theaters nowadays, they may want to… Read More.