What Happened on 09 April 2014

Child goes into hiding after murder charge

There's been a new twist in the case of a baby in Pakistan who was charged with attempted murder. The… Read More.

Message in bottle reaches home after 101 years

Richard Platz threw a brown bottle into the Baltic Sea at the age of 20 and the bottle found its… Read More.

Pings go silent in the case of missing jet

Officials saw the opening of a big lead when an Australian ship heard pings that could have been coming from… Read More.

We're heading to a cashless society

People have begun carrying fewer dollar bills and coins in their pockets and Megan McArdle of Bloomberg said this increasing… Read More.

Alabama town kills landlines

About 40 percent of US households don't use landline phones, which may completely disappear in an Alabama town. The Wall… Read More.

What has the missing jet search cost so far

As searchers continue to look for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, Reuters finds out what the cost of the… Read More.

UConn star said he goes to bed starving

Shabazz Napier's performance in the NCAA championship game last night is now drawing attention to the comments he made last… Read More.

Pistorius reaches day 2 of testimony

It's Oscar Pistorius' second day on the witness stand and he did once vomit at the sight of photos of… Read More.

Twitter's new design looks a lot like Facebook

Twitter is coming out with a redesigned profile, which will soon be available to all users. All reports so far… Read More.

Mom saves son from shooting after reading his Facebook

A Salt Lake mother managed to catch two teens who apparently planned to shoot her son. The mom contacted the… Read More.

Taylor Swift's parents are unbearable

Perhaps Taylor Swift's unbearable nature is hereditary. Sources mentioned that her parents are quite terrible and "incredibly difficult to deal… Read More.

What caused the death of Peaches Geldof?

Police continue to investigate the death of 25-year-old Peaches Geldof and a forensic pathologist is trying to determine the cause.… Read More.