What Happened on 08 September 2013

Largest volcano on earth found

A group of scientists have found a 140 million years old volcano about 1,000 miles east of Japan. The underwater… Read More.

EU: West should wait for UN report

The European Union has officially made a "careful" statement on Syria saying that the available evidence indicates a chemical attack… Read More.

IBM retirees being shifted to heath insurance exchange

IBM retirees will not be on the company's health plan beginning the first day of the new year.  The retirees… Read More.

Youth boxing champion beaten to death

Police in Phoenix are still searching for those responsible for killing a promising boxing champion with Olympic aspirations.  Alexis Urbina… Read More.

Smartphone app can track your sleep

If you're having trouble sleeping then you should probably consider using this "bio-alarm clock" on your iPhone. The phone can… Read More.

John Lennon comments on last Beatles album

The Beatles split was announced in 1970 but no one really knew how bad things had really gotten.  An interview… Read More.