What Happened on 08 November 2013

Guy who tried to kill Malala is Taliban's new boss

The former leader of Pakistani Taliban was killed in a drone strike so it has now picked a new one:… Read More.

Toronto mayor's bizarre behavior caught on video

Only days after Toronto's mayor Rob Ford admitted to have smoked crack cocaine, he got himself into more trouble.  Toronto… Read More.

Pope Francis embraces man with severe skin condition

An image showing Pope Francis embracing a man suffering from neurofibromatosis is worth a thousand words. … Read More.

Twitter trading much higher than IPO price

Twitter's stock market debut is nothing like Facebook's since the company exploded this morning and traded about 74 percent higher… Read More.

Lululemon founder blames customers instead of fixing its pants

Lululemon founder Chip Wilson defended the problematic pants his company makes and blamed the customers instead.  "Quite frankly, some women's… Read More.

US 'vice Index' reading is low

The vice index, which keeps a track of the consumer expenditure on prostitutes and booze showed an extremely low reading… Read More.

Olympic Torch being taken to the space station

The Russians are now taking the Olympic torch to the International Space Station and it won't be lit for the… Read More.

Dolphins case is a chance to change NFL culture

The recent case of a Miami Dolphins player accused of bullying another player could be a chance to change the… Read More.

eHarmony to offer human matchmaker

eHarmony tries hard to find you a perfect partner but just in case it's unable to do so, the dating… Read More.

'Loverspy' guy is on the FBI's most wanted list

NSA is not the only one who could be spying on you. It could also be your possessive lover, who… Read More.

20/20 anchor said she's in rehab

Elizabeth Vargas, who has been the anchor for ABC's 20/20 since 2004, recently announced that she's in rehab.  Read More.

Sweden now rates movies based on sexism

Several Swedish theaters have begun to let the audience know if a particular movie is sexist. According to a simple… Read More.