What Happened on 08 May 2016

NATO soldiers killed in Afganistan

Two NATO soldiers were killed and another wounded by attackers disguised as Afghan Security Force. The attackers opened fire on… Read More.

Drug lord El Chapo moved to American jail

El Chapo, the convicted drug lord has been taken to a prison near Ciudad Juarez across the border from El… Read More.

Sufi Muslim leader killed in Bangladesh

Mohammed Shahidullah, 65, a Sufi Muslim leader was hacked to death near Rajshahi, a town in North Bangladesh. The country… Read More.

Chinese robot to write the national entrance exam

A Chinese robot is set to sit for the national entrance exam of China and score minimum numbers required to… Read More.

Rights activist killed in Pakistan

Rights Activist Khurram Zaki was killed in an attack by four armed assailants while he was having dinner at a… Read More.

Eight policemen killed in Cairo; IS role suspected

In what seems to be a jihadist attack eight plainclothed Egyptian policemen were killed by unknown assailants. The policemen were… Read More.