What Happened on 08 May 2014

FBI agent arrested in Pakistan

An FBI agent, who tried to carry weapons onto a flight was arrested at an airport in Pakistan. Joel Cox… Read More.

Rob Ford is in rehab

Rob Ford mentioned told the Toronto Sun that he's having a good time in rehab. "I feel great," he said.… Read More.

Boko Haram remains brutal in case of missing girls

It appears that Nigeria is being pressurized in case of its kidnapped girls since the national police offered a heavy… Read More.

France launches rescue plan for hamsters

Little furry hamsters are costing France $4.2M and the top court in Europe is asking Paris to save the Great… Read More.

College Diploma is definitely worth it

It appears that college education is a good investment since a new report suggests that graduates who complete a four-year… Read More.

Cheerleaders don't get paid too well

An NFL cheerleaders' latest lawsuit mentioned that members of the Jets' 'Flight Crew' only make about $4 per hour.  The… Read More.

Sneakers costing $34k get stolen

A pair of Usain Bolt's sneakers that were displayed in London have been stolen. The orange cleats are worth $34k… Read More.

Michael Jordan said he used to be racist

Michael Jordan's great-grandfather used to be a culinarian at a whites-only hunting club. After his death, Jordan's schoolmate referred to… Read More.

17% people in a poll would have sex with a robot

About 17 percent of the people who participated in a survey conducted by the University of Middlesex said that they… Read More.

Scientists: Your brain is overheated when you yawn

Researchers claim that we yawn when our brains are cool due to being warm outside. A recent study showed photographs… Read More.

Candy Spelling talks about Tori's show

Tori Spelling's show True Tori is revealing all the problems that she faces in her marriage with Dean McDermott.  Candy… Read More.

Actress, 13, pictured in bed with a 20-year-old

The thirteen-year-old Willow Smith was photographed in bed with the 20-year-old actor Moises Arias, who became popular for his role… Read More.