What Happened on 08 January 2014

UN said it stopped updating death toll in Syria

The UN said it has quit updating the death toll from the Syrian civil war since the human rights office… Read More.

Turkey ousts 350 cops altogether

Analysts believe that Turkey's Prime Minister ousted 350 police officers altogether in an attempt to cancel the investigation regarding corruption… Read More.

Stranded ship freed in Antarctica

Two trapped ships in Antarctica got freed before the US ship even arrived to their rescue.  Reports suggest that the… Read More.

Senate approves of Janet Yellen heading the Fed

The Senate approved Janet Yellen's nomination as the head of the Federal Reserve with a 56-26 vote on Monday.  The… Read More.

French Goodyear workers kidnap bosses

Angry French workers at a Goodyear tire factory boss-napped two managers in the middle of a dispute regarding closure.  According… Read More.

Waitress receives huge tip from cracker barrel customers

A waitress at Cracker Barrel in Nebraska received a $100 tip the other day but the amount was nothing as… Read More.

Evander Holyfield makes latest anti-gay comments

Evander Holyfield is the latest celebrity to express controversial views regarding homosexuality. The boxer was asked if gay people took… Read More.

Dennis Rodman has a meltdown during interview

During an interview with CNN, Dennis Rodman spoke about his friendship with Kim Jong Un and his "basketball diplomacy" in… Read More.

Michael Bay chokes during CES conference

Transformers director Michael Bay made headlines for a bizarre incident this time: He took part in the Consumer Electronics Show… Read More.

China to allow video game consoles

China forbid the sale of video games consoles back in 2000 due to worries about the nation's youth. Reports suggest… Read More.

'Hot in Cleveland' actress breaks her left foot

Valerie Bertinelli's X-ray suggests that she has to start off the new year only on her right foot since the… Read More.

SNL lands a black comedian

Saturday Night Live has finally decided on a black comedian named Sasheer Zamata. The show announced that she is expected… Read More.