What Happened on 08 February 2014

Country makes breastfeeding mandatory

A new law in the United Arab Emirates doesn't only encourage women to breastfeed but makes it necessary for them… Read More.

Brain dead Canadian to give birth to baby boy

Dylan Benson living in Victoria, BC, hopes to gain a baby boy the day his wife dies. Robyn is being… Read More.

Bank of America calls customer a slut

Feminist writer List McIntire tweeted a photo of a credit card offer she received from Bank of America. The unusual… Read More.

Google honors gay rights

Google used its doogle to honor gay rights as the Sochi Games kick off. The homepage features athletes on a… Read More.

NYPD to possibly use Google Glass

New York City Police Department is testing out some pairs of Google Glass on the streets in order to determine… Read More.

Justin Bieber could be charged with a felony

Investigators want to charge Justin Bieber with a felony for egging his neighbor's house. It's now up to prosecutors to… Read More.