What Happened on 07 September 2013

Putin and Obama disagree on Syria

Vladimir Putin and Barack Obama had a one-on-one meeting, which gave them a change to have a "constructive" conversation and… Read More.

Hitler's bodyguard dies at 92

There aren't many people who have fond memories of Adolf Hitler and the world just lost one of those last… Read More.

Same city Walgreens charge differently

This is big news for thrifty shoppers.  Chicago Tribune has reported that two Walgreens locations in the same city price… Read More.

Knicks player suspended for drug violation

New York Knicks sixth man J.R. Smith is supposed to be suspended for violating the anti-drug policy of NBA.  He… Read More.

iPhones to have 6-inch screens in the future

Apple is introducing its new iPhone only in a few days. The devices will come in different colors but consumers… Read More.

Girl suffers twerking malfunction

Caitlin Heller, who tried to make a sexy video for her boyfriend got herself into trouble when things got too… Read More.