What Happened on 07 October 2013

Destruction of chemical weapons in Syria begins

Disarmament experts have begun to dismantle and destroy Syria's chemical weapons.  Reports suggest that the inspectors only have nine months… Read More.

Street clashes killed 38 in Egypt

Clashes between supporters of the ousted Mohamed Morsi and security forces killed 38 people in Egypt today. Demonstrators threw firebombs… Read More.

U.S. raids in Libya, Somalia and captures Al-Qaida leader

US Army's Delta Force raided Tripoli and seized a Libyan al-Qaeda leader out of his home. Secretary of… Read More.

Americans eat dessert more often

Reports suggest that Americans have begun to consume dessert more often; compared to the 36 percent three years ago, the… Read More.

New Toyota Corolla didn't excel in crash tests

Toyota's new Corolla didn't excel in the crash tests by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and is rated marginal. … Read More.

Sikorsky cancels worker furloughs

Helicopter maker Sikorsky Aircraft canceled its plan to temporarily layoff about 2,000 workers in Alabama, Connecticut and Florida; its earlier… Read More.

Wind blows Olympic flame

It seems as if it was vexing to keep the Olympic flame lit in Moscow today. Vladimir Putin called the… Read More.

Monster truck loses control and kills 6

According to an official, a monster truck lost control and killed six people at a Mexican air show.  Spokesman for… Read More.

Russia will monitor Olympics using 'Prism on Steroids'

Although Vladimir Putin promised to celebrate the values of "openness and friendship" during the 2014 Olympics, reports suggest that it's… Read More.

Cellphone tracking got more scary

It's not just the NSA that's looking into our personal information anymore; many start-up companies can now build profiles of… Read More.

'Gravity' sets a record for an October debut

Critics referred to the movie 'Gravity' as being "extraordinary". It grabbed the No. 1 position at the box office and… Read More.

Stern's co-host beats cancer and returns to show

Robin Quivers beat uterine cancer and returned to the studio first time in 17 months. Howard Stern welcomed her with… Read More.