What Happened on 07 March 2013

Venezuela begins week of mourning following death of Hugo Chavez

A week of mourning began in Venezuela on Wednesday following the death President Hugo Chavez, who passed away at the… Read More.

Egypt court suspends April elections

An Egyptian administrative court has suspended general elections due to take place next month. On Wednesday, it said the Supreme… Read More.

Obama to dine with Republicans to discuss budget crisis

U.S. President Barack Obama launched a renewed effort to end a long-running budget deadlock with Republicans on Wednesday. According to… Read More.

Washington Redskins hire A.J. Smith as senior exec

The Washington Redskins announced on Wednesday that A.J. Smith had joined the team as a senior executive. Smith spent nine… Read More.

European Commission fines Microsoft over web browser

Microsoft was fined $731 million on Wednesday for failing to promote a range of web browsers, rather than just Internet… Read More.

Sam Mendes 'won't direct' Skyfall follow up

Sam Mendes, director of the latest Bond film Skyfall, revealed on Wednesday that he would not direct the next in… Read More.