What Happened on 07 June 2014

Putin and Obama have an informal talk

President Obama had an informal conversation with Russian president Vladimir Putin in France. This was the first time that the… Read More.

Obama was right to help free Bowe Bergdahl

President Obama is being criticized for negotiating with the Taliban but there are some people who are defending his decision. … Read More.

Taco Bell introduces the quesarito

Taco Bell is unveiling a new type of burrito that has a quesadilla wrapped around it.  The company mentioned that… Read More.

Bob Hewitt indicted on rape charges

Former Grand Slam doubles champion Bob Hewitt has been indicted on charges of rape and reportedly denies one sexual assault… Read More.

New prenups include social media clauses

Social media behavior has been a big issue in marriages and ABC News reports that social media clauses have now… Read More.

Spacey scolds someone in the audience

Kevin Spacey was doing a tense scene when someone's phone went off at Old Vic theater in London.  The Independent… Read More.