What Happened on 07 January 2015

Pegida rally: Prominent Germans condemn 'xenophobia'

Fifty prominent Germans have signed an open letter condemning what they call rising xenophobia in the country, according to media… Read More.

Skydivers parachute to safety as plane crashes in New Zealand

All 13 people on a skydiving plane that crashed into a lake survived after they parachuted to safety in Read More.

Chlorine gas used by Syrian regime, investigators say

Syria used deadly chlorine gas to attack three villages in the country last year, according to investigators. The attacks affected… Read More.

Tail of crashed AirAsia plane recovered

The tail of the AirAsia plane that crashed into the Java Sea on December 28 has been found, Indonesian officials… Read More.

Blast hits police recruitment drive in Yemen

A blast rocked Sanaa, the capital of Yemen, killing and injuring dozens of people, media reports… Read More.

Obama to veto Keystone pipeline bill

The White House has said that the US president Barack Obama will veto a bill that… Read More.

Asian markets shrug off concerns over oil prices

Shrugging off concerns over falling oil prices and the state of the eurozone, key stock markets in Asia ended higher… Read More.

Niger Delta oil spills: Shell agrees $84m settlement

Royal Dutch Shell has reached a $84 million settlement with Bodo community members over two oil spills in the Niger… Read More.

Indian coal miners' strike enters second day

Millions of Indian coal miners are continuing their strike as talks with the government failed, according to media reports. The… Read More.

Palermo overwhelm Cagliari 5-0

It couldn't have been a worse start to Gianfranco Zola's Serie A coaching stint, with his side Cagliari crashing to… Read More.

'Most Earth-like' planet spotted

A new planet spotted by a telescope has been called the “most Earth-like” alien world by astronomers, according to media… Read More.

Liberia's Ebola drug trial starts

The trial of a drug that may treat Ebola has begun in Liberia, one of… Read More.