What Happened on 07 January 2014

Remains of person fall from sky in Saudi Arabia

A witness reported falling body parts from a plane in Saudi Arabia and officials mentioned that they could be of… Read More.

Afghan girl arrested for failed suicide bombing

Police arrested an eight-year-old girl in southern Afghanistan for a failed suicide bombing after an Afghan soldier spotted her wearing… Read More.

US woman gets 10 years for plotting terror

A U.S. woman named Colleen LaRose who wanted to kill a Swedish artists has been sentenced to 10 years in… Read More.

US senate to confirm Yellen as head of federal reserve

Janet Yellen will be the first female to have ever been the head of the Federal Reserve and the United… Read More.

Flexible work days would lessen gender pay gap

The fact that full-time working women make only 77 percent of what their male co-workers do could change if companies… Read More.

American Airlines to stick to its stripes

More than 60k employees of American Airlines voted in favor of the company sticking with the stripes on its aircrafts. … Read More.

Merkel cancels visits after ski accident

Angela Merkel met with a cross-country skiing accident and has suffered "severe bruising linked with a partial fracture on the… Read More.

David Stern doesn't approve of Dennis Rodman's game

Dennis Rodman attracted a lot of criticism on Monday when he went to North Korea along with some former players… Read More.

Naked man rescued from appliance

This Australian man wanted to surprise his girlfriend by hiding naked in a washing machine on Saturday.  The surprise didn't… Read More.

CES to make your car like your smartphone

The Consumer Electronics Show has some big news for you: It plans on making your new car more like your… Read More.

Madonna posts photo of teenage son holding booze

Being an international and well-known pop star, Madonna should have thought twice before posting a photo of her 13-year-old son… Read More.

Katy Perry demands fresh veggies and healthy granola

Katy Perry probably has the healthiest diva demands of all time: TMZ reports that her requirements for backstage for her… Read More.