What Happened on 07 February 2014

Women in Iraq's prisons face torture

Women serving time in the prisons of Iraq are often beaten and sexually assaulted.  A new reports suggests that they're… Read More.

Sochi strays may escape death with billionaire's help

Hundreds of stray dogs were killed before the opening ceremony in Sochi but some of them may stay alive thanks… Read More.

Man lost at sea looks weaker a week later

Jose Salvador Alvarenga didn't look too bad when he washed ashore after being lost at sea for 16 months. However,… Read More.

CVS move could reduce smoking

CVS' decision to end the sale of tobacco products could have a major impact on smoking rates since the industry… Read More.

Yogurt could reduce diabetes risk

A new research shows that a yogurt a day could help keep the doctor away. A significant decrease in type… Read More.

Toothpaste tubes to be checked thoroughly due to bomb threats

Airlines taking passengers to Russia for the Olympics are required to be close attention to peoples' toothpastes since the tubes… Read More.

Curt Schilling has cancer

World Series hero Curt Schilling revealed that he has been diagnosed with cancer. He hasn't commented on further details about… Read More.

Russia is watching people in their hotel rooms

All journalists complaining about their Sochi hotel accommodations should be aware that they're being watched in their rooms.  Deputy prime… Read More.

Facebook to make a special video for dead guy

A Missouri man personally asked Mark Zuckerberg for a favor and looks like he'll get to see a video of… Read More.

Hotel chains reveal data breach

Several major hotels such as Marriott and Holiday Inn have disclosed consumer data breaches as Congress is trying to figure… Read More.

Naked photos of Miley Cyrus surface for magazine

Naked and unrecognizable Miley Cyrus features on the cover of W magazine but readers won't have issues recognizing her in… Read More.

Actor Cheyenne Jackson is engaged

The 38-year-old actor Cheyenne Jackson will soon be marrying Jason Landau, who he recently called "sexy" in an Instagram photo. … Read More.