What Happened on 07 December 2015

During first 11 months Germany registers 964,574 new asylum-seekers

During the first 11 months of the year, Germany has registered 964,574 new asylum-seekers. As per reports,… Read More.

Beijing issues first ever red alert over smog levels

The Chinese capital of Beijing has issued its first ever red alert over smog levels. As per… Read More.

Three soldiers killed in an air strike on army camp, says Syrian Government

Three soldiers were killed in an air strike on an army camp in Syria, the Syrian Government… Read More.

President Nicolas Maduro's Socialists defeated in Venezuelan elections

The Venezuelan opposition has won a majority of seats in the National Assembly of the country. As per media reports,… Read More.

President Obama vows to defeat terrorism

President Obama has vowed to destroy the ISIS. The President in a prime time address tried to calm nervous Americans… Read More.