What Happened on 07 December 2013

Mandela dominates front pages of newspapers

The world has come together to mourn the death of Nelson Mandela and most newspapers have used their front pages… Read More.

First medical ganja firm opened in Jamaica

A medical marijuana industry has been launched at the birthplace of Bob Marley.  The venture, under the name of MediCanja,… Read More.

Cheerful news: Workers help guy after he steals their tip

After a man stole tip from a jar kept at a coffee bar in Ohio, workers didn't call the police… Read More.

High crime suspect in Lunenberg high school is victim's own mother

Authorities now suspect that a person who spray-painted inappropriate graffiti outside the home of a 13-year-old Massachusetts high school boy,… Read More.

Record-breaking ship is now taking to the water

The new largest floating vessel in the world is 150 feet longer than the Empire State Building in New York. … Read More.

Amanda Bynes plans on becoming a fashion designer

Amanda Bynes is done with four months of rehab and has now reunited with her parents. Her mother's Lawyer told… Read More.