What Happened on 07 August 2013

Crash of U.S. helicopter results in protests

Japan has demanded Washington to stop flying its HH-60 helicopters, one of which crashed yesterday in Okinawa. Defense minister Itsunori… Read More.

80 people dead in Pakistan due to heavy rains

Heavy rains in Pakistan have killed 80 people and displaced more than 80,000 over the past four days. Teams are… Read More.

Moderate earthquake shakes southern Mexico

A moderate earthquake has shaken southern Mexico and rocked buildings in the capital of Mexico City. People gathered on the… Read More.

Giving your child allowances can pay off

Parents can help children learn about money by simply offering them allowance for simple jobs at home.  Nathan Dungan, president… Read More.

American vehicles to get older

A new study by the auto research firm Polk reveals that the vehicles in America have climbed to an age… Read More.

Australian McDonald's pays $15 an hour

The minimum wage in Australia is $14.50 and many workers at McDonalds make more than that much. Moreover, they have… Read More.

Lolo Jones was given a drug test during her birthday party

Lolo Jones was drug-tested by IOC in the middle of her birthday celebrations last night. She was approached by the… Read More.

Shawn Burr dies at 47

Shawn Burr, who played in the NHL for 16 years died Monday at the age of 47.  Burr had mostly… Read More.

Story behind an Apple plant worker's attempted suicide

18 Foxconn workers had attempted to commit suicide in 2010 but only four had succeeded. One of the survivors Tian… Read More.

Are you being watched by your TV?

Two security researchers from iSEC Partners said today's televisions that are connected with internet could be hacked. They explained the… Read More.

Taylor Swift opens up about her love life

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Taylor Swift talked about her love life saying at this point for her… Read More.

TV reporter leaving NBC after 20 years

Chris Hansen, an NBC News reporter is now exploring new opportunities.  The news channel confirmed that Hansen is leaving after… Read More.