What Happened on 07 April 2014

Navy rescues child off coast of Mexico

A family who was on a disabled sailboat several hundred miles away from the Mexican coast, was rescued by American… Read More.

Five most disaster-prone cities in the world

The Guardian put together five of the most risky cities to live, after an earthquake struck Chile. Here's the list:… Read More.

Ships follow lead in case of missing jet

The hunt for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is ongoing. The head of the multinational search said the electronic… Read More.

Atlanta Archbishop to sell home for $2.2M

The Roman Catholic archbishop mentioned today that he is planning on selling his mansion for $2.2M. Wilton Gregory moved into… Read More.

Mazda recalls Mazda6 sedans once again

Mazda6 sedans are being recalled for the second time in three years after the company failed to fix the issue… Read More.

The world's new poorest leader is...

Nepal's new prime minister Sushil Koirala is being called the new poorest leader of the world. He claims to possess… Read More.

Suspended NBA player is not sorry for smoking pot

The NBA suspended Milwaukee Bucks center Larry Sanders for violating the drug policy after he was tested positive for marijuana… Read More.

Drake celebrates in the Wildcats' locker room

Drake was seen spending time with his longtime friend Johnny Manziel at the Final Four on Saturday. "Johnny Manziel and… Read More.

FireChat introduces new way to communicate

A new smartphone app called FireChat is making it possible for users to communicate with one another even when they… Read More.

Here's how to look thin in your selfies

Many of us don't love the results after we take selfies since the camera seems to add about 10 to… Read More.

Goonies director announces a sequel

Fans of the 'The Goonies' made in 1985 have been wishing for a sequel for years and it appears that… Read More.

14 celebs who went to Ivy League schools

It's not true that stars can't be smart and a list published by PopSugar proves the same. Here's a few… Read More.