What Happened on 06 October 2013

Norway's new TV stunt is live knitting

Norway is planning on dedicating five hours of air-time in order to break the knitting world record. The NRK network… Read More.

Obama cancels trip to Asia

President Obama announced that he'd be shortening his trip to Asia and dealing with the government shutdown instead. According to… Read More.

Tesla CEO defends electric car after fire

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk defended his company's Model S that recently caught fire; he reacted after the company's shares… Read More.

A-Rod sues MLB

In addition to appealing his suspension, Alex Rodrigues is also suing MLB.  He mentioned the league's "tortious interference' as part… Read More.

ObamaCare site down for repairs

The ObamaCare website is being repaired this weekend and should be good to go by Monday.  Reports suggest that healthcare.gov… Read More.

'Gravity' might be a masterpiece

It would seem as if a film only focusing on two characters would be dull. However, the new movie Gravity… Read More.