What Happened on 06 May 2012

9/11 plotters appear in court

Five men, including self-proclaimed “mastermind” Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, accused of plotting the September 11 attacks have appeared before a U.S.… Read More.

France set for presidential run-off

France is set to vote in its run-off presidential elections. The polls could mark the first time a socialist wins… Read More.

Buffett plays down health concerns

Warren Buffett has attempted to qualm fears of Berkshire Hathaway’s future amongst shareholders after he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.… Read More.

2012 Olympics site officially opened

The 2012 Olympics site in east London has officially been opened with a ceremony. Nine-year-old Niamh Clark-Willis joined the head… Read More.

Sources claim Yahoo in talks to sell Alibaba stake

Internet company Yahoo could sell 15 to 25 percent of Alibaba Group’s stock back to China’s biggest e-commerce economy in… Read More.

Fox changes name of movie in light of Trayvon Martin's death

20th Century Fox has changed the title of an upcoming summer comedy Neighbourhood Watch in light of the racially charged… Read More.