What Happened on 06 March 2014

Putin nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

Vladimir Putin has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize among 278 others. Reuters noted that the Nobel Committee will… Read More.

Iranian acid-thrower to receive sadistic punishment

An Iranian newspaper reports that the man who poured acid on a female's face will have his eyes gouged out. … Read More.

Why the US has a competitive edge over China

When the first Chinese American to be an ambassador to China left his post last month, a newspaper called Gary… Read More.

Judge sees no emergency in the case of teen suing parents

A high school senior in New Jersey who is suing her parents for school and college tuition asked for an… Read More.

Radioshack to close 1 in 5 stores

Radioshack's quarterly report reveals that it plans on closing about 1,100 stores. The company mentioned that the holiday quarter saw… Read More.

Facebook to buy drone-maker

Facebook is still not done spending its money on acquisitions. Reports suggest that the company is now planning on buying… Read More.

Meet the man who played a role in Michael Sam's announcement

Michael Sam's life took an interesting turn a couple of weeks ago and strategy was key from the time he… Read More.

Players loved the kid who ran on field during game

We've witnessed all different kinds of pitch invasions but this one is adorable. A little child ran on the field… Read More.

Cops miss years of complaints after losing password

A watchdog agency in India has been collecting hundreds of complaints about the corrupted Delhi police and forwarding the complaints… Read More.

Online privacy may get pricey

A person could be willing to shell out some cash in order to protect himself online. Julia Angwin is one… Read More.

Teresa Giudice is heartbroken after plea

Joe and Teresa Giudice pleaded guilty in regards to their fraud case and the Real Housewife of New Jersey mentioned… Read More.

Kristin Chenoweth said she suffers from asthma

Kristin Chenoweth finally revealed that she suffers from asthma. The actress mentioned that she noticed the problem after 9/11 and… Read More.