What Happened on 06 June 2014

What about the other captured American?

Ruth Marcus of the Washington Post is completely against the prisoner swap, which is an argument for helping another American… Read More.

How much money would make us happy?

Many people know that money wouldn't buy them happiness, but most of us would need at least a minimum income… Read More.

GM to fire 15 employees

General Motors is firing 15 people after the ignition switch scandal, but none of the senior executives in the company… Read More.

Amazon's smartphone may be ready for release

Amazon recently released a YouTube video teasing a device, which is expected to release on June 18.  The video immediately… Read More.

Woman who accused Oregon basketball players of sexual assault is angry

The woman who accused three basketball players of the University of Oregon of sexual assault told the Daily Emerald that… Read More.

Sterling agrees for Clippers sale

Instead of opting to fight a legal battle, Donald Sterling has agreed to sell the LA Clippers for a big… Read More.

Woman sues hospital after it posts her records on Facebook

An employee at Cincinnati Medical Center posted a woman's records online, who is now suing the University.  The medical records… Read More.

Scientists don't approve of bulldozing mountains in China

China is getting rid of its mountains to make way for cities, but Chinese scientists say that has already caused… Read More.

Celebrities reacted to the Super Bowl name change

News about the 2016 Super Bowl ditching Roman numerals came out Wednesday, June 4 and there has been some reactions… Read More.

Lupita may now be back on track

Lupita Nyong'o had two fashion disasters, but appears to be back on track now.  She was spotted wearing a lovely… Read More.