What Happened on 05 October 2013

Drug dealers threw $1M from plane

Alleged drug dealers in Bolivia got into trouble after tossing over $1M from a low-flying plane.  The police arrested three… Read More.

Assad may run for re-election

The President of Syria, Bashar Assad said it's too early to know as to whether or not he'll run for… Read More.

Twitter discloses its revenue

The filing of the IPO revealed that Twitter's revenue is growing since it amounted to $317M in 2012. There's also… Read More.

Cleveland's all brown uniforms are hideous even for the Browns

Cleveland Browns wore brown-on-brown uniforms for the first time in the 67-year long history of the franchise; the look was… Read More.

Cyberattack exposed credit card information of 3M users

Adobe Systems said credit card information of its customers has been exposed by hackers; About 3M users' information has been… Read More.

Why artists are not embarrassment of vegas residencies anymore

It used to not be pleasant to know that an artist is moving to Las Vegas to take up recurring… Read More.