What Happened on 05 March 2014

Marori King ignores meeting with Prince William, Kate

New Zealand's Maori king refused to meet with Prince William and wife Kate since they didn't offer him enough time.… Read More.

Patrick Rock arrested over child porn

Patrick Rock, who helped craft pornography rules in the UK has been arrested in a child porn case. The man… Read More.

Kimmel asks Rob Ford to get help

After a long period of trying, Jimmy Kimmel finally got Toronto Mayor Rob Ford to come on his show.  Fellow… Read More.

Tokyo is no longer world's most expensive city

The Economist Intelligence Unit rated Tokyo as being the most expensive city last year. It's ranking dropped out of the… Read More.

Teen sues parents for college money

An 18-year-old girl in New Jersey is living with her best friend's family and has sued her parents for her… Read More.

Teen dies trying to save phone from tracks

Another person was killed while trying to save her phone without worrying about her own safety. The 14-year-old Jenna Betti… Read More.

U.S. reveals World Cup jersey

The U.S. Soccer and Nike have unveiled the home jersey expected to be worn at the next World Cup.  The… Read More.

Kate Upton teaches Holaday to pose like a model

Looks like Kate Upton has plenty of time on her hands after the 2014 SI Swimsuit issue came out. She… Read More.

Sprint accused of overcharging feds

Telecommunications companies are allowed to claim back expenses while helping government wiretappers. However, the federal government has accused Sprint Communications… Read More.

Apple introduces 'CarPlay'

Apple is making its way to your dashboard by launching 'CarPlay' for a divine driving experience using the iPhone.  The… Read More.

$250k worth jewelry goes missing from Khloe's home

About $250k in property is missing from Khloe Kardashian's home in Los Angeles. Reports suggest that the investigations are ongoing… Read More.

Oscar delivery guy earned $1k in tips

The pizza delivery guy for the Oscars was called on Ellen DeGeneres talk show and was given a $1k tip.… Read More.