What Happened on 05 June 2014

Kerry spotted napping publicly

It's not unusual for a 70-year-old man, who is working long hours to lose his energy at the wrong time. … Read More.

American jailed in Egypt asks Obama for help

An Egyptian American who was captured in Egypt last summer is now asking President Obama to help free him. Reports… Read More.

Taliban releases Bergdahl's video

A dramatic video has been released by Taliban featuring Bowe Bergdahl's who had been held as captive for five years. The… Read More.

Workers at Walmart go on a strike

Workers at WalMart are striking because of low wages and sporadic schedules, among other problems. "That is not a wage… Read More.

Why are all Clinton's interviewers women?

Clinton is only being interviewed by women before the publication of her book "Hard Choices." Her handlers could have made… Read More.

Caffeine price is on the rise

There is some bad news for coffee lovers. Reports suggest that coffee maker J.M Smucker announced that it's increasing the… Read More.

Dan Marino didn't mean to sue the NFL

The growing number of NFL veterans are now taking the league to court and Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino… Read More.

NFL makes an exception with this year's Super Bowl

Most people with rusty Roman numeral skills wouldn't know the number of Super Bowls there have been so far. ABC… Read More.

Google tests secure email

Google is working on an extraordinary privacy feature. Reports suggest that the giant is expected to soon use "End-to-End" encryption… Read More.

Twitter account to finish tweeting every word

Twitter account @everyword spent seven years trying to tweet every single word in English and it's most popular one has… Read More.

Justin Bieber's racist video gets a sequel

It has only been days since Justin Bieber apologized for telling a tasteless joke using the n-word. Reports suggest that… Read More.

Paris Hilton doesn't want to film for Kardashian show

Paris Hilton and Leonardo DiCaprio didn't want to appear on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. The two stars refused to… Read More.