What Happened on 05 February 2014

Gay marriage legalized in Scotland

Scottish parliament went against the churches and approved gay marriage in the region, making Scotland the 17th nation to sanction… Read More.

Cocaine found in backpacks in Spain

Spanish authorities found one ton of cocaine kept in 37 backpacks along the Mediterranean coast.  The backpacks used in the… Read More.

Man's year at sea could be a true story

A man reached the Marshal Islands last week and claimed to have spent 13 months at sea, surviving on turtles,… Read More.

Tech giants reveal NSA requests

NSA isn't talking about whether or not it's spying on you but major technology companies recently came forward to reveal… Read More.

Gates resigns as chairman of Microsoft

There's some big change at Microsoft: Reports suggest that the company has appointed a new CEO and Bill Gates is… Read More.

Google asked to move its mystery barge

Google has had its "mystery barge" parked in San Francisco for several months and is looking for a new site… Read More.

Super Bowl grabs best TV ratings in history

America's TV love affair was not affected by a blowout victory and the initial low ratings didn't last too long… Read More.

High school students saved from Super Bowl prostitution

High school students were rescued from the prostitution practiced during festivities for the Super Bowl.  Reports suggest that over 45… Read More.

Don't answer a call that only rings once

Scammers have recently been using computers to call thousands of people each hour in order to make money when they… Read More.

Government also uses lazy passwords

It's no surprise that lazy humans use "password" as their personal passwords but a new report shows that sensitive government… Read More.

Miley's interview for W was quite interesting

Ronan Farrow interviewed Miley Cyrus for W magazine and the conversation had several amusing parts.  The singer mentioned that she… Read More.

Philip Seymour Hoffan knew he was going to die

Turns out that Philip Seymour Hoffman had a premonition less than two months ago and knew he would die if… Read More.