What Happened on 05 December 2013

Truck full of radioactive material stolen in Mexico

A truck full of dangerous radioactive material was stolen near Mexico City on Monday. The International Atomic Energy Agency… Read More.

Guardian only published 1 percent of Snowden leaks

The Guardian has reportedly only published one percent of about 58,000 documents leaked by Edward Snowden. Editor Alan Rusbridger, who… Read More.

Water found on five distant planets

Scientists recently discovered water in the atmospheres of five plants outside our solar system. "To actually detect the atmosphere of… Read More.

Travel insurance may not be worth it

You might want to think before buying the travel insurance policy next time before going on a vacation.  The National… Read More.

Hospital billing remains expensive and notorious

Hospital billing is extremely complicated and hospitals have the ability to demand high prices without any regulation. The billing can… Read More.

Google to invest in robots

Google has become another big Internet firm to play the robotics game.  According to the New York Times, the company… Read More.

Two skydivers killed during midair collision

Two skydivers died and one got injured during the members' attempt to collide and smash formation records at the Skydive… Read More.

Barack Obama plans to host SportsCenter after retirement

Barack Obama said at a briefing before a speech at DreamWorks Animation that he at least knows what his plan… Read More.

New bra could help you eat less

A new kind of bra could help give you some emotional support. Microsoft has designed a bra capable of detecting… Read More.

The improved HealthCare.gov didn't enjoy a great start

The HealthCare.gov was supposedly improved but the site's error rate got spiked when it got flooded with traffic yesterday.  The… Read More.

HGTV host dies in an accident

Co-host of the HGTV show Curb Appeal died in a motorcycle accident on Monday. Bill Beckwith was riding a motorcycle… Read More.

Two strangers invaded Keri Russell's home

Two men broke into Keri Russell's house in Brooklyn Heights while she was asleep.  The actress was in the basement… Read More.