What Happened on 05 April 2014

Baby booked on murder charges in Pakistan

It may sound like a joke but it's true: A 9-month-old baby has been charged with attempted murder in Pakistan.… Read More.

Missing jet being searched for underwater

Two ships are attempting to find the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 before the data recorder ceases transmission. "The area… Read More.

Women should be hired since they cost less

Women are still not part of all kinds of professions when compared to men. Many reasons suggesting that it would… Read More.

World Record attempt kills skydiver

Another attempt to make a world record in skydiving ended in a tragic manner. Reports suggest that one of 222… Read More.

Samsung gets slammed by White House

President Obama doesn't want to be used to promote Samsung smartphones and the White House made sure to make that… Read More.

Could Colbert replace Letterman?

Everyone is wondering who Letterman will be replaced with after he steps down in 2015. According to Mashable, it could… Read More.