What Happened on 04 October 2015

Russia vows to step up bombing campaign in Syria

Russia has vowed to step up its air strikes against Isis targets in Syria, claiming that the… Read More.

Flooding threat: Emergency declared in South Carolina

President Barack Obama has declared a state of emergency in the US state of South CarolinaRead More.

US launches 'full investigation' into Kunduz clinic bombing

The US has launched a “full investigation” into Saturday’s air strikes that killed at least 19 people at a hospital… Read More.

Portugal: Government's austerity measures face poll challenge

Voters in Portugal are casting their ballot in a parliamentary poll that is being seen as a… Read More.

Two Israelis killed in Jerusalem as violence flares

Two Israelis have been killed in separate attacks by Palestinians in Jerusalem. At least three people… Read More.

Japanese man killed in Bangladesh; Isis claims responsibility

A 66-year-old Japanese man has been killed in Bangladesh, days after an Italian national was shot dead in capital Read More.